Version 1.19b8 Released

Slizer BMS v1.19b8 has just been released, it's one patch away from being complete, unless new issues arise.

I'm debating having the next patch be the last one, and having all new additions (unless theres something this version clearly needs) into a heavily updated non-free (relatively cheap) new version.

Just to be clear, this version of the game, SBMS, will still be free, and will not be abandoned if it needs fixed, and will eventually get more content. Some of the updates include severely changing the GUI, damage system, extra heavy missiles, the menus, unit models (going to make them have custom chosen colours, not changing the shapes), and eventually the story.

If I haven't addressed an issue that you think is necessary or even just would be very nice to have, please tell me so I can add it ino the next patch before working on the paid version of the game.

As always please tell me what you think, if you would pay for a better version of this, and how much you think would be fair.

Thank you to everyone who's helped improve the game, but more importantly to everyone who's enjoyed it.

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Nov 30, 2017

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