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Slizer: BMS is a Real Time Tactics game with a sci-fi setting and a symbolic minimalist art style. It takes traditional RTS gameplay and removes economy and intense micro in favour of more complex movement and combat. The options menu allows the player to turn off these options for a more standard RTS experience.

Gameplay consists of two stages: in the Planning stage you pre-select units, place them in formations and set their directions, equip them with weapons, armors, and special features, and issue starting orders. In the combat stage you play as a traditional RTS but with added features emphasising positioning and trade offs between accuracy, speed, evasion, damage, and other factors. It also promotes the set up of traps and pre-empting enemy strategies.

The game contains a story campaign, a highly tactical aircraft only campaign, randomised fleet battles, and a permadeath mode. There are 40+ player units and two enemy factions.

Other than a few unfound bugs, some missing sound effects and a rework on the story campaign, the game is mostly complete. It will be released for free on Steam, and a paid sequel with a higher budget will be made after. I am looking for any feedback you may have (especially negative feedback) and any bugs you may find.

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SBMS_v1_19b8.zip 19 MB

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